Over the years I have cultivated a Facebook feed that is nothing short of a work of art, full of wonderful humans and all the amazingness they regularly share. From news stories that don’t get the coverage they deserve, to helpful nutrition and alternative health tips, to inspiring people and ideas that feed the soul— I grow a little as a person with every scroll.

Time spent on social media for me is not time wasted. It increases my education and awareness and helps me to become a more loving and compassionate human being.  

Below are some guidelines that I try to live by when it comes to who and what is on my feed. I believe they are the keys to a wholesome Facebook experience full of soul food and fabulousness.

  1. If I see something that resonates, I don’t just “like” it, I share it on my timeline, too. 
  2. I don’t tolerate too many pictures of dinner. Unless you’re a chef or a food photographer, too many posts of food are a big red flag that you’re probably not going to post a lot I find valuable to my spirit. While I understand that’s not always the case, removing the food from my feed has cleaned up a lot of clutter. 
  3. I follow an 80/20 rule…I’m looking for FB “friends” who post 80% social awareness/spiritual growth and 20% personal stuff.
  4. I engage with other people’s awesome posts. If I like what I see not only do I “like” it, and share it, I comment on it. I’m looking for good conversation and wonderful things come from social engagement.
  5. If you’re on the internet whining about your life I’m going to unfollow you. That’s not to say I’m going to unfollow someone for a couple of complaints…sometimes venting on FB is cathartic. But, if you have a ton of time and energy to dedicate to your own personal victimhood in a public arena, chances are good I’m not going to grow as a person by following you. I’m looking for people seeking a higher vibration.
  6. Unfollow is a wonderful thing. It takes a lot for me to unfriend someone, but if you’re posts aren’t feeding my soul and I believe my posts could possibly feed yours…hello, unfollow! I don’t have to see every ounce of negativity you share, or your dinner each and every night, but perhaps you’ll benefit from my good vibes. 
  7. When I find a meme or a post that I “like”, I track it back to it’s source and explore the page it came from.  If I like what I see, I “like” the page– because why on earth would I not want to see more of their stuff?!

Social media does not have to be a time suck. It can be a tool that you use to make the most of your spare moments. You have the power to modify what you see as you scroll, and if you are using Facebook (and other networks) with intent, your time spent scrolling will become more valuable to you and the people following you. 

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