Mixed media painting of houses floating on clouds

So… on my birthday* I was supposed to go to the dentist. (Yeah, I know, terrible party plans!). Due to some questionable receptionist work and a miscommunication or two, the dentist appointment got postponed. So instead, the LightInMyHands family picnicked and spent the early afternoon exploring the Ringling Museum of Art.

*In case you were wondering, my birthday was June 8th. 

What better thing is there to do after a visit to an art museum than go to my very favorite art store of all time… Keeton’s Office and Art Supply.

Line of small pink hearts

I picked up a few of my favorite boards to work on,  some gelatos (they’ve been at the top of my ‘must try these’ list for quite some time), some stencils, and a few more random goodies.

I’ve been creating ever since! I’ve lost count of how many pieces I’ve completed in the last week. The littles have joined me, Nikki has been found in paint pants at the easel… and the wee-est wee one has been seen crawling through the work space with a small smudge of gesso on his belly.

Mixed media flowers painting

Edge of mixed media painting

I had been so wrapped up in photography and creating content for this awesome little blog of mine… I had forgotten the pure pleasure that comes from mixing media. It was a wonderful birthday and an even better week!

Silhouette of a girl with a tag on her heart that says "free"

Mixed media painting with stencil designs

The Gelatos were difficult at first, I came to them with my own expectations… something like oil pastel meets crayon meets watercolor pencil. And while the results are much like what I just described, the experience of using them is much different than what I had anticipated.

The water to Gelato ratio is something I’m still working on… I’m still occasionally washing away all the pigment I’ve laid down.

It seems as though the pieces I’ve created with them have more depth and *pop* than my art that came before… they’ve definitely become one of my favorite mediums.

Canvas with blue, pink, and yellow feathers and dripping blotches of color

Silhouette of a woman with random numbers and letter floating up from her head

Alas, all good things must come to an end.. or at least slow down a bit and make some space for the 1,356,798 other endeavors a whimsical little soul such as my own wants to endeavor upon.

Besides, my marketing team has informed me that I’ve been neglecting my duties on the inter-webs. So here I am. Taking a day off from dipping my fingers in paint and getting to one of my other favorite things— inspiring YOU to do some awesome work of your own!

Have you been taking notes?


So you already know what I’m going to suggest to you?

…go treat yourself to a little trip to the art store and take a day (or a week!) off, turn on your favorite playlist, and go make something (or all the things!).

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