Green image with pink stars and the letters "LMGTFY"

You know those days where it seems like no one has any idea there is anything on the internet outside of social media and streaming television?

Those days where someone seriously gets on Facebook and asks how to create a gmail signature?

Or how many planets there are?

Performing a Google search can be a complicated and often overwhelming process that leads many people to ask random questions of their friends, family, and coworkers.

And if you’re feeling a bit too snarky to simply provide an answer that could have easily been acquired on one’s own through a simple Google search?

Solution: LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You)


LMGTFY History

Let Me Google That For You was created in 2008 by web developer Jim Garvin and software consultant Ryan McGeary [who have since also created Let Me Snopes That For You and Let Me Wikipedia That For You].

How it works

Simply type your question into the search box just as you would do on Google. You will then be provided with a link that you can copy and share. When the the link is clicked, the person asking the question will be shown a short animation of the steps involved in performing a google search:

  1. Typing Google into the address bar
  2. Their question being typed into the search bar
  3. The search button being clicked

After watching the animated Google search instructions they will be taken to the actual search results for their question.

Here’s an example question: “Why is grass green?

Note: This may not be the best way to keep friends, so use sparingly.