Hello, Beautiful!

And welcome to lightinmyhands.

…A creative lifestyle blog where offbeat humans can find inspiration and information relevant to intentional living, peaceful parenting, and fearless creating.


I am an ever-evolving, (mostly) self-taught human. The main hats I wear are; mother, partner, healer, photographer, and artist.

I’ve got a fearless free spirit, a shameless love of techno gadgetry, and a junk gypsy kind of vibe. I was once lovingly described as a “punk-rock techno hippy”.



…In magic and life and love; in living a creative life and creating the life you want. I believe we’re all connected somehow and I make images and art in celebration of those connections.

Photography and mixed media are how I document a life created/creative. Both a record of the moment passed and of my love for the moments; each and every one.

I see life as art, and those of us that are willing to turn our heart’s inside out in order to squeeze every last drop of love into living it, as artists.


The LIMH Mission…

To inspire you to be an everyday superhero; to be brave enough to let your light shine, open your heart, and pour your soul into the task of creating a life and creating art.



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